Must Have Cape Cod Condo Senior Buyer Tips

There comes a point in life when taking care of a house becomes a burden and the ease and convenience of a smaller place with better amenities becomes a desire. Many seniors like the conveniences of buying and living in a condo. When considering to purchase a Cape Cod condo, there are some things seniors may want to consider.

  1. Is the condo floor plan all on one floor (stairs may become a burden you don’t want)?
  2. Does the condo building have elevator access to upper floors (good in case of fire or transporting groceries up)? And, are there multiple elevators in case one breaks down?
  3. Is parking available close to the building/condo unit?
  4. Are there Cape Cod activities nearby, which would be enjoyable(i.e. parks, walking trails, YMCA or gyms, senior centers, etc…)?
  5. What is the proximity to shopping, doctor offices, bus transportation and more?
  6. Are there appropriate ramps and handrails?
  7. Are there non-slip surfaces inside the unit?
  8. Does the Cape Cod Condo building have adequate lighting?
  9. How safe is the area and are there emergency alarm systems in the unit?
  10. Are inside switches and controls at appropriate levels?
  11. Are bathtubs easy to get in and out of and showers large enough for easy maneuvering?
  12. Are doorways large enough for objects such as wheelchairs?
  13. Are all door handles, locks, faucet handles and window locks easy to reach and operate?

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These are many of the basic items to consider when buying a Cape Cod condo. You must also like the condo unit and the Cape Cod area as well. When you are ready to start searching for your condo, please contact our Cape Cod Condos real estate professionals at Just Cape Condos and we will assist in every step of the process.

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