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When you are ready to sell your Cape Cod condo, you don’t want it sitting on the market for weeks or even months. You want the real estate experts at Just Cape Condos to help you sell it as quickly as possible and there are ways to help speed up the process by preparing your unit the right way. Unfortunately, these tips are not fool-proof because if no one is buying then no one is buying, but following these suggestions may help reel in a buyer for you and your Cape Cod condo.

What Needs to Be Done?

To get your Cape Cod condominium ready for sell, first you must disassociate yourself with it. This means that you have to think of it as no longer belonging to you. After you have accomplished that, there are some steps you need to go through to get your Cape Cod property ready to show and sell. These include:
1. De-clutter. Take out anything that doesn’t need to be there, including family photos, personal momentos, collections, knick knacks, junk, and just anything sitting around that doesn’t have a purpose.
2. Straighten Closed Spaces. Go through cabinets, closets, bookcases and drawers and get rid of needless items to make the space look neater. In closets, put clothes facing the same direction and arrange like colors. Stack plates neatly and turn coffee cup handles the same direction to make the cabinets look better. If a buyer opens a closet and things fall out, it may make turn them off. Keeping these spaces neat gives the illusion that the rest of the condo has been well tended to.
3. Store Unnecessary Items. This means to take out anything that is not necessary and clutters up a space. If there is too much furniture in a room then rent a storage unit and remove the pieces. The less there is in some spaces the better, so they can appear larger. Even remove extra leaves from tables so the room looks larger.
4. Remove. If an item is not staying in the condo, such as a family heirloom chandelier, or built-in appliance then remove it before showing your Cape Cod condo. If a buyer sees it and loves it then it may be a deal breaker if it is removed.
5. Make Minor Repairs. Fix anything that doesn’t work, such as faucets, doors that don’t close properly, windows that stick, etc… If there are any tiles cracked – replace them. If there are any holes in the walls, then patch them and repaint. Also, make sure all lighting is working properly.
6. Keep it Neutral. If the walls are not all painted neutral, then consider painting them all the same neutral tone. Buyers can be turned away from your Cape Cod condo if they see pink, orange and purple walls.
7. Clean, clean, clean! Don’t show a dirty condo. This is a definite turn-off for buyers. Clean inside and outside of windows, floors, cabinet fronts, tubs/showers, appliances, and sinks.  Vacuum and keep everything dusted. Don’t forget things like ceiling fans, mirrors and cobwebs in the corners too. Make sure there are no musty, bad odors anywhere.
8. Set the Scene. You need to stage your Cape Cod condo to make it the best it can be. You have already removed all personal items because you want your buyer to imagine their stuff there, not yours. Arrange your furniture in the most appealing way. Display any decorative items (candles, bowls, books) in groups of 1,3 or 5. Keep any window coverings simple and clean. Put bowls of bright fruit out in the kitchen and some fresh flowers on tables. Make bathrooms look like spas with arranged towels, lotions and decorative soaps on display. If your condo has a yard/porch space then make sure it is manicured and free of clutter too.
9. Make Sure the Entrance is Welcoming. Keep the sidewalks leading to your door clear and clean. Nice flowers at the door or a nice wreath make the area welcoming and will make buyers want to go in and see more.
10. Enlist the Best Agent. This can be accomplished by seeking the assistance of our knowledgeable expert team of real estate professionals at Just Cape Condos to sell your Cape Cod condo.

Are You Ready?

If you have followed the ten steps listed above, then you are prepared and ready to sell your Cape Cod condo. Our Just Cape Condos team of real estate experts are ready to assist you in every step of the selling process of your condo in Cape Cod. Contact us, your Real Estate professionals at JustCapeCondos.com to get started.

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