Buying a Cape Cod Condo

Consider Both- The Advantages & The Disadvantages

Buying a Cape Cod condo offers you many superior advantages and a few disadvantages as well. Condo living isn't meant for everyone, so be smart, and base your Cape Cod condo buying decision on all the right reasons to avoid making  the wrong decision.

Advantages to Buying a Cape Cod Condo

  • A Cape Cod condo is typically less expensive than a single-family property (This is because of land costs)
  • You do not have to worry about any outside maintenance
  • You can leave your condo and go on vacation without worry
  • You still get the homeowner tax benefits
  • Potential resale profit as the condo appreciates
  • Allows the owner to live in higher cost area where buying a single-family home would be prohibitive (i.e. waterfront, downtown, etc)

Disadvantages of a Cape Cod Condo

  • You are subject to the rules and regulations of the condo association
  • There may be unexpected increases in the monthly association fee and special assessments for maintenance costs
  • Potentially poor maintenance and management could lower resale values
  • Potentially poor soundproofing
  • Policies and rules that you disagree with (i.e. pet and rental policies)
  • You give up certain rights in order to be a good neighbor

Helping You Make Quality Decisions About a Cape Cod Condo

Before you make your final Cape Cod condo buying decision about whether or not you're a good fit for a Cape Cod condo, why not take a quick tour of one our condo units and see what you think. Contact our Just Cape Condos real estate specialists today to schedule your personal tour.
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